About Us

Gary Driver - Lead Singer

Frontman Gary started off in Cambridge based Ska band Big 10 when they got him up to sing a few Bad Manners tracks at his 40th birthday party. After adopting the stage name Buster Beefburger (sometimes being confused with Bad Manner's Buster Blood-vessel!), he continued to sing with Big 10 until 2010; Gary wondered what it would be like to form his own band, and then, Fiveska was born.

Gary has always enjoyed ska music; some of his other interests include fishing, eating, (although don't let the flab fool you, Gary does religiously calorie count all foods consumed), spending time with his family, gigging and having a good time. Gary also enjoys American Football which he played for 8 years with the Cambridge Cats, followed by the Peterborough Saints and
the Newmarket Hornets. Now G
ary works full time as a lorry driver and lives with his wife Alison of 31 years and his daughter Kelly who on occasion gets up and performs with him which makes him very proud. 

Tim Slater - Guitar, vocals

Tim's been playing guitar for over 30 years, and in real life works as a guitar teacher and magazine editor. Between 1993 and 1997 he worked as reviews editor for Guitarist Magazine, eventually becoming deputy editor of Guitar Buyer magazine and editor of Playmusic magazine. Between 1997 and 2004 he was also the International Product Demonstrator for Fender Europe and Peavey Europe.

Tim has done the Europe circuit from Iceland to Lithuania, and among others has performed with saxophonist Nik Turner (Ex-Hawkwind) and ace drummers Bob Henrit (Argent, The Kinks), Ric Lee (Ten Years After) and Clem Cattini (Everybody!). 

Between 2001-2002 he was lead guitarist for UK country artiste Sarah Jory, touring Northern and Eastern Europe and Australia, and played on Sarah’s highly acclaimed country/rock crossover LP What I Really Meant to Say.

Anne Burton - Keyboards, vocals

Anne has played in many groups and bands over the last 15 years, in widely varying genres: everything from folk groups to big bands. As well as piano, she plays several other instruments including electric violin and sings. She has performed at hundreds of venues ranging from a double garage (the smallest!) to stately homes and festivals.

As well as ska, she loves funk, soul, R&B & jazz, and plays keys and sings in the Jazz & Function band "Body and Soul Jazz" and modern jazz trio “Weird Rare Animal”.

Anne performs as a solo pianist/singer, has released several CDs and is an accomplished songwriter, arranger and lyricist. She also teaches piano and singing.

Matt Duduryn

Originally from Felixstowe, Matt has played in many bands in the Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire areas, as well as London, covering the genres of rock, pop, funk, jazz and ska. Matt took a year out studying music in the states, and has recently returned from a tour in China. He has just become our full time bassist, so welcome aboard!

Jake Hatter - Drums

Jake originally joined Fiveska on trumpet in 2011, but started filling in on guitar and drums when needed, finally taking a full time drum job in 2013. Jake's musical interests are eclectic, ranging from ska to experimental classical music to Funk to golden silence. Also a sound engineer, he runs Fiveska's sound on gig nights, as well as teaching trumpet now that he has plenty of free time having finished his Music degree. A cheeky son-of-a-bitch, he casually dates Gary's wife on the side like a boss. Game for a saucy version of 'Careless Whisper', eat him with a red meat dish and at room temperature for maximum enjoyment.

Jo Instone-Brewer - Saxophone, vocals

Jo starting playing with Fiveska in 2011 with Jake as a brass section, but later took the brass lines on her own while Jake filled in on guitar and drums. Fiveska seems to take up most of Jo's calendar these days, but she still manages to find time to dig holes in the garden whilst working on her Archaeology degree at the University of Leicester. The thing people seem to remember about her is her incessant bouncing whilst playing the sax, which has sometimes made other members of the band feel quite ill. 

Fiveska dep musicians

Mike 'The Flowers' Miles
Mike enjoys mucking in Fiveska when a drummer is needed, even though he lives very far away. You can tell if he's playing with them by the flower delivery van in the car park

Thomas Howe

Tom was introduced to the band as a potential dep keyboardist in 2016, and has since contributed a variety of styles and quirks, usually in inappropriate settings. Tom wishes that you think of him whenever a reggae song starts to sound like a fairground, and whenever the harpsichord solo that no-one remembers from the album is finally given the spotlight.

Fallon Howe - Saxophone/Trumpet

Fallon plays with various bands in the Cambridgeshire area including Big 10 and the Blue Lion Band on trumpet, tenor sax and bari sax. She has recently stepped up to play for Fiveska and brings her horn collection with her!

Jon Beedle
Jon is a versatile professional guitarist having worked with a wide range of artists including Cliff Richard, Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley, chart topping 70s artist George McCrae, Des O'Connor, comedians Bobby Davro, Les Dennis, Joe Pasquale and Lee Mack to name a few. He has performed with legendary classical rock band The Enid, his performance on the band's DVD to a packed house at Birmingham Symphony Hall being one of the highlights. Jon toured with Enid founder Francis Lickerish under the name Secret Green, a classical rock project, recording two critically acclaimed albums. In the studio Jon has worked with, among others, keyboard player Don Airey from Deep Purple, world renowned saxophonist Snake Davis and Grammy award winning Nashville bass player Chris Kent on his own solo album "Long Time Coming". Today, Jon continues to work with a number of different artists including a major touring theatre show in between performing with his Fiveska family.

Nate Glynn - Bass

Nate "The Eye Candy" Glynn joined Fiveska in January 2014 having already worked with Jake on various small projects; he had stepped in for a few gigs in late 2013 before joining. Originally coming from London, he moved to Cambridge to study a degree in music which has given him experience working and recording with Jake. His musical interests range from the likes of Motown, funk and disco to 20th century classical music.

Hannah Hinchcliffe

Hannah and Jo did a time share during the Autumn term of 2017 whilst Jo was getting settled into university, and really enjoyed playing ska, so much so that she's now the main saxophonist of Ska'd 4 Life. She's now walking in Jo's shoes and studying  Woodwind Instrument Manufacture and Repair in Newark.